Olamide Akinsola

I am a serial content creator, writer and social media enthusiast based in Lagos, Nigeria.

NigerianNGO Exclusive by Akinsola Olamide : WELTI and CEAFON Organize Open Data Day For Cancer Awareness

Women Economic and Leadership Transformation Initiative (WELTI) in conjunction with Cancer Education and Advocacy Foundation of Nigeria (CEAFON) organized the Open Data Day with a focus onCancer, Data and Female health. The event held at Girls Senior Academy, Lagos Island on the 6th of March, 2019 and was organized to create awareness and inform students about cancer.

Look Of Love – Olamide Akinsola #BloodyLove

You say you love me Some say it is in the touch of a hand Others the stroke of a chin You say you care Some say it’s in the spark Borne out of the fusion of hearts He said he loved me He made me see It’s more than the touch of a hand Or the stroke of a chin He decided to love me Knowing that I might reject Him Payment neither in cash nor kind He said he loved me Of that price that he paid So if I my were to put my heart Give it to the highest bidder I’d already know the winner